Live Tracking

The Tracking function allows all users to follow one selected user in the runsheet. In the top left of your the screen select a person to track by clicking the profile picture of the current Producer and select the user to track from the drop down menu. This person now takes the role as the Producer. The tracking feature can be turned on in the header and the setting is global meaning all users track the same person. Every user does however have the option to disable Tracking individually if they don’t want to use the Tracking function.

When the Producer changes which Checkpoint is active, all users with the Tracking function enabled will follow along to the Checkpoint selected. All users can also see which Checkpoint is active in the far left of the screen where the Producers profile picture will show and the active Checkpoint will have an animation making it easy to see even if the rows are colored.

Only Admins can change who gets to be Producer and only Admins can be selected to be Producers.

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