Columns or rows

Rows (Checkpoints)

To add a row click the plus sign where you want to add the row. There is one plus sign for every row on the far right of the Runsheet to add a row in between rows and one on the bottom if you want to add a row on the bottom of the Runsheet. When clicked a new row will appear where the plus icon was pressed.

To change the order of Checkpoints, drag and drop the lines on the left side of the Runsheet. No need to worry about the start and end times, they will be changed automatically. This can also be done using the Multiselect tool.


Columns can be added by pressing the topmost plus icon en the Edit mode. Newly added columns will be called ”Untitled” which can be changed by clicking on the text and writing a new name.

To change the order of columns press the column header and press the left or right arrows on the popup. This will change the default order of the columns. However, every user can set their preferred order of columns.

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