Invite others

You can invite however many subscribers or admins you want to your Checkpoints Events. Just select the Event you want to add subscribers to and click the + icon in the top of the respective user field.

This will open a popup window where you can search for their e-mail adress of the person you would like to add. Users you share other Events with will show up as you fill in the search field. Users you have no shared Event with previously will not show up as you type and you will therefore type their full e-mail adress in order for them to show up. When you have found the correct e-mail adress press the add icon to invite them to the event.

You can also invite users without a Checkpoints account. To do so fill in the email as you would normally do when inviting an already existing user and hit the add button. This will send an invite to the e-mail you provided where they can register for Checkpoints. When an account is created with the e-mail adress you provided in the invite they will automatically be added to the Event.

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