Personalized view

If you want to hide, show or change the order of columns in your own personal view click your initials on the far left of the screen. This will open a menu where you can toggle the visibility of columns by clicking the the toggle switch or change the order of your columns by dragging and dropping the two lines on the left of the column title in the menu. The top option is furthest to the left in the runsheet and so on. By default all columns will be visible and displayed in the order they are set in the edit mode.

If you want to change the default column structure you can read more about that here.

To change the size of columns hold the mouse cursor between two columns in the top row and drag it out to your desired width. This setting is individual, so feel free to optimize the view to your own needs.

This option is available to all users and can change from runsheet to runsheet, depending on your settings

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