Create an Event

In order to create a new Event you need to be logged in to a user with at least a Core license.

To create a new event simply click the plus icon under the events column on your Dashboard page. If this is your first event the Dashboard will be looking like the secont picture, to create a new event click the plus icon.

The first thing you need on your new event is a cool name!
When this field is filled in you have the option to create the event. This will create an empty Event that only you have access to and edit whenever you want. To make it easier to set up your new Event you will be able to add Subscribers and Admins as well as your first Runsheet in the following steps. These settings are optional and if you leave the Create Event page after clicking the Create Event button your new Event will show up on your dashboard.

The next step is to invite others to your Event and to add some Runsheets. Good luck!

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